How to Do a Patch Test at Home

At Jubel Naturals, we’re dedicated to using safe, natural, and effective ingredients. However, even with the most gentle and natural ingredients, there is a possibility that your skin may develop an allergic reaction. Before incorporating a new product into your routine, we always recommend performing a patch test to make sure that your skin won’t develop an allergic reaction.

What’s a patch test?

A patch test is an easy way to determine whether or not your skin will react to new products such as soap, lotions, serums, and so forth. This is a simple test which works by applying a new product on a small patch of skin and waiting to see how your body reacts to it.

Here’s how to do a patch test:

Choosing area for patch test

1. Use a small patch of skin

    Before using a new product, choose a small patch of skin to perform the patch test. This area should be somewhere that can be easily left alone for up to 24 hours. Common areas to perform a patch test include the inner arm, inner thigh, or side of the neck.

    Cleaning skin before patch test

    2. Clean the area first

      Once you have chosen an area to perform a patch test, be sure to properly cleanse the skin. It’s important that this area is clean to ensure the validity of the patch test. If you develop a reaction, you want to be sure that it is from the new product and not something else. 

      Applying bandage on skin

      3. Apply product and wait 24 hours

      Apply a small amount of the new product onto the patch of skin, then cover it with a bandage. Wait at least 24 hours before removing the bandage. However, if you experience any burning, itching, or pain, remove the bandage and wash the area immediately.

      Completed patch test

      4. Observe your skin

      After waiting the period of 24 hours, remove the bandage and observe your skin. If it appears red, bumpy, raised, or itchy, then you likely have an allergic reaction to the product and should discontinue using the product. If you are unsure about the results from the patch test or have previously experienced allergic reactions to skincare products, we recommend asking your doctor to perform an allergy test to determine which specific ingredients you may be allergic to.

      BONUS TIP: Finding the right product

      If you’re prone to sensitivity, it is very important to find the right product without harsh chemicals and toxins when using it on your skin. Our experts advise us to use safe ingredients that are clean, non-toxic, and effective.

      But sometimes that can be expensive...

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