Horoscope Signs as Jubel Products

Our products have a whole lot of personalities. If the astrology signs were Jubel Naturals products they would definitely be these. 

Fire Signs

Jubel Naturals Products as Fire Signs

Aries: Pain Relief Lotion

Driven, passionate, and confident. Like Pain Relief, you let nothing stop you from reaching your goals. 

Leo: Vitamin C+ Brightening Serum

Vibrant, charismatic, and bold. Like Vitamin C+, your energy shines so brightly.


Sagittarius: Pink Grapefruit Lotion

Optimistic, spontaneous, and fun. Like Pink Grapefruit, your zest for life is so refreshing and irresistible.

Earth Signs

Jubel Naturals Products as Earth Signs

Taurus: Sleep Tight Pillow Mist

Grounded, dependable, and persistent. Like Sleep Tight, you love comfort and relaxation.

Virgo: Headache Roll On

Thoughtful, logical, and practical. Like Headache, you have a natural ability to precisely focus on any task at hand. 


Capricorn: Daily Dew Moisturizing Oil Elixir

Determined, diligent, and ambitious. Like Daily Dew, you are extremely reliable and hard working.

Air Signs

Jubel Natural Products as Air Signs
Gemini: Sweet Orange EO

Playful, curious, and quick-witted. Like Sweet Orange, there’s never a dull moment with your sweet and citrusy energy.

Libra: Balance Roll On

Charming, fair, and diplomatic. Like Balance, you have an innate ability to bring harmony to any situation. 

Aquarius: Cool Aloe Repair Cream

Independent, free-spirited, and unique. Like Cool Aloe, your eccentric energy makes you stand out from the crowd.

Water Signs

Jubel Natural Products as Water Signs

Cancer: Super Sensitive Moisturizer

Nurturing, emotional, and compassionate. Like Super Sensitive, you are beautifully sensitive and have the ability to deeply empathize with others. 

Scorpio: Serenity Massage Oil

Magnetic, mysterious, and alluring. Like Serenity, you know when to turn on your irresistible charm. 

Pisces: Lavender Vanilla Repair Cream

Artistic, imaginative, and intuitive. Like Lavender Vanilla, you possess a dreamy quality that is so sweet and charming.


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